Silver Fiddle Ranch FAQ

Why are we called Silver Fiddle Ranch?

The old name of Shake Ridge Rd was the “Silver Lake Fiddletown Road”, so “Silver Fiddle Ranch”

Is the ranch for sale?

Yes! See our Sotheby’s page. And although we’re sad to leave, see what we love about the ranch.

Are there equestrian trails?

There are trails on the property, and they connect to the SPI timber company which has miles of trails, SPI has a written statement allowing recreation access. No trailering necessary!

How far away is the river?

The south fork of the Consumnes River can be reached via the SPI trail system. It is a few miles of loopback trails from the house, with various bridge crossings available.

How does the electrical power work?

Power comes from PG&E. A 7.5 KW solar array supplements this with the PG&E net metering program. In the event of a power outage, the solar array will automatically switch to stand-alone mode and generate electricity using the solar array or backup batteries, then switch back when power is restored.

Where does the water come from?

A spring on the lower section of the property feeds a storage tank, which is then pumped to the higher part of the property which gravity feeds the house. Two separate 2500 gallon tanks ensure there’s a reserve capacity of water.

How’s the Internet Access?

Volcano Internet offers DSL with 20 MB download speed. In addition, Starlink will be available in mid to late 2021.

Is there any kind of home automation?

The heater/AC uses a three zone system, with NEST thermostats controlling each zone.

The smoke/co2 detectors are NEST

The living room uses a SamSung SmartThings hub to control lighting scenes (on, off, dim for TV)

More pictures and details at our Sotheby’s page !