What we love about Silver Fiddle Ranch

  • Peace and Quiet where we can hear the birds, bees, crickets, and frogs away from the ambient noise of traffic and urban life
  • Complete privacy, while being close to great neighbors, restaurants, wineries and pubs for culture and social interaction
  • Great internet service for remote working
  • Our SunnyCal Solar power system that keep us up and running during rolling power outages
  • Vistas of the canyon and riding our horses on the miles and miles of SPI maintained recreational trails
  • Being neighbors with SPI who maintain all the logging roads, that offer us this unique access to a natural setting. And who care for their land, and environmentally manage timber production that enhances our beautiful county
  • CalFire presence that is active and engaged in helping us on our property and in our community with fire safety
  • CalFire (State) and NRCS (Federal) cost-share grants that allow us to maintain a healthy forest at a very low or no cost
  • The freshest spring water you will find anywhere!